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ExcelCare-CDS (Consumer Directed Services) "You are in charge"

Consumer Directed Services is a state of Missouri sponsored program. This program allows the person receiving care (consumer) to become their own employer thus allowing them to hire the person of their choice. 

Yes, it is true. You can get paid to care for your family member (excluding spouse) or family friend. You can even live in the home of the consumer and remain eligible to get paid. Our agency is located in St. Louis, Missouri. (Testimonial) I was really faced with a dilemma. I felt sandwiched between caring for my immediate family and my extended family (mom). Mom's health was getting worse and she needed me more, meanwhile the bills were piling on and my kids asked for money as if, it was growing on trees. I thought about a part-time job but that would take time from my kids and mom. Then I heard about CDS through Excel Home Care. It has been an answer to pray. Now, I can get paid to take care of mom. This adds the extra, much needed income for my immediate family and I am able to spend more time caring for my mom. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at excel informed me, when mom can no longer direct her own care through CDS, we can switch to another program they offer. Excel, home health care/In-Home Services!

 ExcelCare-CDS (Consumer Directed Services Program)
Although this program is relatively new to providers in St.Louis, the impact for families in our community has been immeasurable. This community resource is similar to our in-home program but  different in that: 1.The consumer (person receiving the service) becomes the employer. 2. The worker is the person of the consumers choice, as long as the person does not have a criminal background.  3. The worker is able to provide transportation/escort services to the consumer.

This solution based program helps keep you and your elderly or disabled family member in the comfort of your home for as long as possible.  This exciting program is absolutely a viable option to nursing home placement for consumers and family members.

Elderly Couple, Consumer Services in St. Louis, MO

Services Offered

• Housekeeping Chores
• Assistance with grooming
• Escort/Transportation to Doctor
• Meal Preparation

Admission Criteria
Elderly or disabled persons:

• Mentally Competent to Make
  Own Decisions

•Adults 18 or older
• functionally impaired (must demonstrate need for care)


• Active Medicaid


Our Goal is to provide quality, home care services in the convenience and comfort of your home, allowing your family member or the person of your choice to care for you. REMEMBER!!!!  YOU are in CHARGE


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you to earn an income while taking care of your elderly or disabled family member.